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Intuitive Guidance 

 Intuitive guidance can be offered through the wisdom of the tarot and oracle cards Sessions are designed to bring guidance to a particular issue or pattern in one's life to lead them to their desired outcome.  Whether it be money, career, relationship, spiritual issues or a big life decision/ event, working with the tarot can help uncover blind spots on one's path and understand internal and external influences and how to work with those energies.  

When inquiring about a love relationship the tarot can gain more information on type of relationship at hand (i.e. life partner, karmic soulmate, twin flame) and guide the querent on what needs to be worked through with themselves to bring harmony to the partnership or how to end toxic cycles.  Singles can receive guidance on blocks to love and what the future can possibly hold for them in relationships.  

Compatibility readings are available according to  date of birth of both parties based on ancient Egyptian tarot philosophy along with affirmations to navigate interpersonal dynamics and bring forth the best version of yourself and the connection.  

Emotion code sessions are recommended to accompany readings to remove specific blocks to querents' objectives, and offered at a discounted rate for those receiving a tarot reading. 

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