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Tesla Light Therapy 

The Tesla Biophotonic Lights are based on a patent created in part by Nikola Tesla.  The lights emit "information" via ultrahigh electromagnetic frequency, plasma, and light harmonics.  The "information" is produced through the vehicle of noble gas ionization therapy.  Biophotonic technology holds a unique wave structure which is designed to reinforce essential electromagnetic field information (aura) to correct diseased cells. 

This system provides enhancement of consciousness with the ability to learn and evolve as people.  The unit emits light and frequencies similar to healthful rays of the sun.  It opens and vitalizes chakras, bioelectric channels, and nadis within the physical, psychological, energetic/auric, and spiritual bodies.  

The Tesla Lights can quickly place the user in the alpha and theta state, which can enhance the ability to manifest.  Session amplify the strength of the seven chakras of the body. Chakras are energetic centers in the body which correlate to different domains of existence, pertaining to basic safety all the way to carrying out our life purpose.  The lights can even help us develop our 8th, 9th, and 10th chakras which connect us to higher wisdom.  The consciousness created by the lights permeate the user with a high quantity and quality of energy, which focus on areas that are most deficient within the body  to promote an enhanced environment at the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels.  The Tesla lights are ideal to combine with acupuncture for an even more enhanced healing experience.  If used concurrently with esoteric acupuncture, expedited soul-healing and expansion of consciousness can be experienced along with profound relaxation and physical euphoria.  

The Tesla lights are ideal, but not limited, for people with substance abuse and addiction, chronic and acute pain & diseases, stress, depression, autoimmune issues, PTSD, childhood trauma, and those who are feeling stuck in life.  For those interested in spiritual discovery, the Tesla lights can facilitate mystical experiences and increase intuitive awareness.  

Remote sessions are available by submitting a hair or finger nail clipping to be used in the Tesla light treatment area.  Hair or nails continue to be connected to the energetic field of the body even after removal and can transmit the frequencies absorbed from the lights to the target individual.  Pets are also sensitive to these high-end frequencies and can be helped just as humans can be!  

Benefits of Tesla Lights

Release of toxins/pathogens and their  energetic imprints 

Enhances immune function

Increased body resonance and vibrational frequencies

Optimizes chakra and meridian function 

Expansion and rebalancing of biofield

Heightens consciousness

Increased awareness, insight, and mental clarity

Brings inner harmony, balancing and peace 

Removal of unhealthy energetic attachments and programming 

Promotes overall wellness

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