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     The Emotion Code is a technique developed by chiropractor Dr. Bradley Nelson which allows the practitioner to access the subconscious of the targeted person or animal receiving the session.  Trapped emotions are identified through muscle testing and released through a major acupuncture channel which all channels in the body intersect with at some point.  A magnet is then used to draw out the trapped energy containing that particular emotion whether it be shock, heartache, fear, anger, etc.  The chart used to identify trapped emotions contains 60 options of emotions which can be created by negative circumstances or events in one's life, or inherited from parents and ancestors, absorbed from friends or family members, or brought with us from before our current lifetime.  These details will also be identified during the session if need be and will often resonate with the client.    

      People using The Emotion Code to improve their well-being often report a distinct sense of lightness with a brighter outlook on their life or current circumstances during or following a session.  A small percentage of emotions released can be reprocessed by clients as they make their way out of the body and it is encouraged to allow and honor this process as recognizing emotions in the moment can lead to greater emotional intelligence. Using The Emotion Code can clear up physical aches and pains which originated from an emotionally traumatic incident as well as harmonize internal energetic  imbalances.  This technique can also give a person more time to respond to stressful stimuli as opposed to reacting from their formerly wounded selves. Unhealthy relationship dynamics have been known to balance out  as emotional triggers are taken out of the equation.   People using The Emotion Code can respond differently to its effects but overall the results are overwhelmingly positive.

     Pets and other animals can benefit from The Emotion Code as easily as humans can in addressing mood dysfunction, neurotic or aggressive behavior as well as physical imbalances.  The animal does not need to be present for the session as they are done by proxy.  The majority of of animals respond to their session with prolonged sleeping and lethargy following as session; it is nothing to be alarmed by.  


     Most of us with excess emotional baggage carry a heart wall.  A heart wall is comprised of trapped emotional energy that forms around the heart space to protect it from further emotional harm.    While a heart wall does serve a specific purpose, it can block us from giving and receiving love on a deep level, or any level at all.  A client's heart wall can be removed in one or multiple sessions depending on the number of emotions it contains. Removing a heart wall can result in a greater sense of compassion and oneness with yourself, your partner, your family, and global community.  


The Body Code addresses bodily and spiritual needs in  a more in-depth way, and includes realignment of chakras, meridians, magnetic fields, spiritual disconnect, glandular and organ imbalances, as well as removal of post-traumatic wiring,  unwelcome energetic entities, curses, pathogens, and much much more.   The Body Code offers nutritional and lifestyle guidance that is directed by the client's subconscious to the practitioner for a highly personalized session.  Body Code sessions are done concurrently with the Emotion Code for a comprehensive, well-rounded treatment.


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