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Acupuncture therapy works to restore your body by balancing your body’s natural bioelectricity (also referred to as qi) to promote circulation and break up accumulation in areas where you feel pain, discomfort, or imbalance.  A trained acupuncturist can determine the root cause of one’s condition with tongue and pulse diagnosis as well as a comprehensive health intake. This diagnostic approach can tell your provider exactly where the imbalance in the body is occurring and treatment protocol will be decided from there.  Because of the holistic approach of acupuncture, a provider can treat multiple body systems at once.  Patients often claim that after receiving acupuncture one or more times, they experience an overall sensation of improved well-being, including better sleep, increased mental clarity, improved digestion, or even decrease in appetite on top of relief from their initial complaint.   


Everyone responds differently to acupuncture.  Depending on the condition, you can experience relief after one treatment, but for more chronic conditions you might need to be seen for several weeks. It is recommended to get at least two treatments per week in the initial stages of your healing process until symptoms feel consistently alleviated.  Your provider can also offer lifestyle and dietary changes to support you on your journey. 


It is normal to feel a tingling sensation as well as a dull ache, pressure, or sense of release at the insertion site of the needle. Needles are generally retained for 30 to 45 minutes and usually induce a feeling of deep relaxation or sleep. It is important to make sure you do not have an acupuncture treatment on an empty stomach or after over-eating.  Please inform your provider if you are pregnant, trying to conceive, if you are on blood-thinners or have a seizure disorder so that proper precautions can be taken.  


Acupuncture is suitable for any person of any age and is particularly useful for patients under emotional stress or suffering from PTSD, chronic conditions as well as any person looking to improve their lives in any way.  

What else can acupuncture treat?


-Adrenal fatigue 

-Allergies (including hay fever)




-Athletic injuries

-Biliary Colic

-Bell's palsy

-Chemotherapy/radiation support

-Common cold/flu


-Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

-Depression (including postpartum depression)




-Erectile Disfunction

-Eye disease

-Facial pain





-Hair loss


-Herniated discs 

-High blood pressure

-Hip pain

-HIV/AIDS support

-Hormonal imbalance 



-Liver disease





-Knee pain


-Low back pain/weakness

-Low libido

-Malposition of fetus 

-Morning sickness

-Multiple sclerosis

-Nausea and vomiting 

-Neck/shoulder pain




-Postoperative pain


-Pregnancy support



-Renal colic

-Rheumatoid arthritis


-Skin disorders





-Tennis elbow


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